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puddle jumping and jasmine revolution(s)

January 28, 2011

my friends and fellow citizens,

good day. have you noticed the geniousness of puddle jumping post-storm? i love to watch people navigate the curbside ponds and lakes. just a charming dance of doleful humans! today i saw a kind father scoop up his small daughter and deposit her on the other side of the slush, even though she was sporting hot pink snow boots and he had on mere dress shoes.

the ever ebullient bill cunningham has a fine post on this subject. how i adore him and his uniform!

quoi d’autre? i am most amazed by the names we give revolutions and revolts. why the obsession with flowers and fruits? the tulip revolution, the rose, the orange. why not a dark chocolate revolution or suede revolution? those sound quite appealing to me!

(this nike shoe combines both dark chocolate and suede… i’d say that’s revolutionary!)

and how curious that tunisia’s so-called jasmine revolution of today was also a term bandied about when ben ali was put into power back in 1985. (he’s getting ousted now) hmph! the media should really hand this revolution naming over to the people. then again sometimes the people don’t have the media savvy that the media does. a conundrum indeed!

ta ta for now,

ps npr does a more thorough job vis-a-vis revolution names…i’m just adding my kippy cents!


the royal we

January 27, 2011

mes cheres amis,

i promised prince’s publicist to not mention my relationship with him… but i just can’t bear not to.  it’s true–we dated long ago…ended on amicable terms when i was just shy of my half birthday (13). we’ve remained good friends ever since and have heard from each other during life’s ups and the down. it was with great delight that i saw him at madison sq jardin last week.  just the tip top.

i almost didn’t feel worthy of standing in his royal court…! and yet he made me feel quite at home…just like he did when we were young teens frolicking back in the malls and meadows of mini-apple-luscious as we called it back then.  it was a special night.

special too because i realized it is not live music i don’t care for, but rather the sticky arm pit of the masses tooting around in my area that i can do without! having a stadium seat to return to for a rest was a most welcome luxury, even if it was a plastic concoction covered with occasional popcorn grease smears with scent of stale beer. still, it was as fine a throne as any.

the after party at darby’s with prince and the twins was indeed most rollicking. vegan dumplings and gluten free beer!

quoi d’autre? zipped off to dirty jersey to see jan fabre‘s latest confection, prometheus landscape II. a most provocative staging with strange stage pictures. go for the images; stay for the snacks. but i warn you: stay clear of the sandwich wraps! (who eats wraps these days anyways? they should be ousted alongside sun-dried tomatoes and relegated to a musuem of food from 1997.)

at the peak of these peak performances bjork and her man were spotted and i unwittingly cut bill t. jones in line for sandwiches. (the proper ones–not those vile wraps) bill’s handler-cum-b/f, who was wearing what looked like an everyday ninja workout outfit, did not appear impressed by my short cut. “bill!” he cried out shrilly. “this way!” as they maneuvered around me to the coffee and teas. what a snit.

ahh, can’t forget a mention of sarah michelson‘s devotion a most surprising and stirring performance. it was so good i cannot even describe it. that is how good it was…those sweatshirts! a mystery performance. i wish i could see it again.

ooh dear… there’s so much more to say and not enough time to say it. my first foray to spa castle was indeed royal. felt like i was part of defending your life part II. that’d be great movie. you heard it here first.

love and cholera,

PS be sure to send your advice questions to via the very excellent gorgeous ladies of comedy website!
PPS tunisia–don’t even get me started.

troppo da fare / too late baby

January 14, 2011

my friends and fellow citizens,

troppo da fare in this moment right here.

but i must say that i love, love, loved too late! antigone (contest #2) that i took in last night at, you guessed it, this year’s under the radar festival.

(yes, yes i’m back from burma. it’s a tale and half).

suffice it to say, jason zinoman did a much more articulate job of describing why this show is so excellent. and if you’re too dense to get it, then get off the slopes and out of the kitchen!

mes amis, i realize i am mixing my metaphors here . apologies.  have you heard of this excellent website, btw, gloc? you might find some familiar puns there sometime soon.

ciao for now,

ps and finally, brought to you by my mobile media website, the one you are reading right now, an under the radar PDF link you won’t want to miss.

pps and

ppps and can someone tell me what the hell is going on in tunisia?

footloose fancy

January 12, 2011

mes amis,

apologies for missing yesterday’s special date of 1.11.(20)11… things have been busy-busy in kippy-land!

i realize i’m far ahead of most of my readers, in terms of time zones and all. yesterday was just nutty. flew into bali to shoot a pepsi commercial (who drinks pepsi these days?) and have now stopped in kuala lumpur for a few days (i like to say koala limp pour!) on my way back to burma where i am for the next 2.5 months.

but dreams of gotham burn bright in my head–what with the images of the current snow. a hypothesis: if everyone in new york (and other urban jungles and tundras) wore moonboots, perhaps they would play more in the snow? one can hope!

i recall my girlhood days in the alps and andes happily traipsing and stomping along snow. especially when i was city bound i’d look to make my footprint on the freshly fallen bright white snow! it pains me to now see people (adults mostly) dart around these fallen flakes in their impractical footwear.


in my moonboots, the urge to display signs of inner youth is stronger than any adult worries and i stomp and traipse to my hearts delight! what poor zombies who walk along in their ugly shoes that do not keep their feet dry or toasty. it is the best feeling in the world to plow through nature’s delights and stay warm. the swedes have a saying, you know. “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

i would quite agree.


ps speaking of la neige, i highly recommend john kenney‘s very witty “who owns the snow?” from this week’s new yorker.

we’ve hit a bonanza

January 10, 2011

my friends and fellow citizens,

have you seen bonanza yet at this year’s fantabulous under the radar festival? do yourselves a favor: do not walk but leap, dash and dart…do whatever you must! to get to the closest iphone device and book yourself a ticket. do it now!

bonanza proves to be a most satisfying event. though it is not theatre in any traditional sense (and who likes that anyway?!) i was quite keen on the “live documentary” feel of it. five screens stand side by side and present a hilarious and haunting portrait of small town america while calling up those juicy life questions: why are human beings so crazy? why can’t we all to get along? what drives us to gossip? what’s with the great eternal spirit? do elves really exist?

the group who created this documentary-cum-installation, berlin, hails from antwerp (ooh europeans), and apparently they have concocted a series of “city” portraits including such exotic locals as tagfish, moscow, jeruselem and iqaluit.

i have been to colorado only once and the air was indeed thin. does this lead to thin thinking or deep philosophical ruminations? both  examples were rife in bonanza.

a side note: i was most fond of the hunky intown mark. yum! i do wish i had learned what he did for a living. ooh and the priest seemed a tad under-represented but perhaps that’s b/c he’s in pueblo half the time…? ooh and what’s with coloradians and their crazy-town accents? how i adored this event!

on a more serious note, friends. i am afraid that commercials in our dear nation use old navy to outfit those next-door neighbor stars. why is this? the cheap cost? the ugly “all american” hues? what ever happened to selling luxury?! and no wonder americans are so hefty. the size “small” evidently fits only chesty la-rues…! i heard one “stylist” quip: “i never believe actresses when they tell me they’re thin.”

ooh to be an actor.


PS you might be tickled to know that bonanza has many meanings. of course i think of the chewing gum from my youth! j/k. i think of bazooka joe

under the radar and over the woods

January 6, 2011

mes amis,

it it that jovial time of year when under the radar hits the fairest of cities: nuevo york of course! i had the great pleasure of meeting up with the festival’s director earlier this year, but an intrepid reporter from american theatre magazine does a more than adequate job of the covering the festival and the dude in the latest issue of the ‘zine.

last night i popped into the public theater to catch diciembre and was moved and marveled by the spectacle of theatre goers tooting around and greeting each other in this dark month at the top of the new year. most enjoyable! i myself enjoyed a coca cola classic as the festival directors greeted onlookers.

i’m now off to see ameriville by that darling of darlings universes. also just heard the word that i’ve gotten into a performance of the belarus free theater. they’ve been all over the news about the crazy plights they face in their home country. speaking of home turf difficulties, a young man gave me a card with information about the current difficulties in hungary. as they say in that country the size of kentucky:

köszönöm szépen


kind regards,


January 5, 2011

my friends and fellow citizens,

if you receive merriam webster‘s word of the day missives you’ll see today’s parole is “proselytize.” read that email closely–not for the meaning, but for the name mentioned in the used-in-a-sentence example… it’s one of my fave names and you should know why!

quoi d’autre? it is a new year and with that comes new resolutions and new antics! i read in the elevator this morning that a woman from boston resolved to buy more expensive hair products. quel horreur! who comes up with the elevator text? what’s more, who responds to it via weblog!?

anyhoo, i resolve to wax my legs on my own this year… we’ll see how long that lasts!

speaking of boston… a fine gentleman sent this clip my way last night. it is truly comedy at it’s pitch-perfect perfection. can you hear it sing? kippy loves pun, double entendres, and word play like no other. the one’s in this clip have sent her over the moon and back.

gallactically yours,