we’ve hit a bonanza

my friends and fellow citizens,

have you seen bonanza yet at this year’s fantabulous under the radar festival? do yourselves a favor: do not walk but leap, dash and dart…do whatever you must! to get to the closest iphone device and book yourself a ticket. do it now!

bonanza proves to be a most satisfying event. though it is not theatre in any traditional sense (and who likes that anyway?!) i was quite keen on the “live documentary” feel of it. five screens stand side by side and present a hilarious and haunting portrait of small town america while calling up those juicy life questions: why are human beings so crazy? why can’t we all to get along? what drives us to gossip? what’s with the great eternal spirit? do elves really exist?

the group who created this documentary-cum-installation, berlin, hails from antwerp (ooh europeans), and apparently they have concocted a series of “city” portraits including such exotic locals as tagfish, moscow, jeruselem and iqaluit.

i have been to colorado only once and the air was indeed thin. does this lead to thin thinking or deep philosophical ruminations? both  examples were rife in bonanza.

a side note: i was most fond of the hunky intown mark. yum! i do wish i had learned what he did for a living. ooh and the priest seemed a tad under-represented but perhaps that’s b/c he’s in pueblo half the time…? ooh and what’s with coloradians and their crazy-town accents? how i adored this event!

on a more serious note, friends. i am afraid that commercials in our dear nation use old navy to outfit those next-door neighbor stars. why is this? the cheap cost? the ugly “all american” hues? what ever happened to selling luxury?! and no wonder americans are so hefty. the size “small” evidently fits only chesty la-rues…! i heard one “stylist” quip: “i never believe actresses when they tell me they’re thin.”

ooh to be an actor.


PS you might be tickled to know that bonanza has many meanings. of course i think of the chewing gum from my youth! j/k. i think of bazooka joe


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