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May 26, 2010

hey all,

this comes from the very excellent salar… who lives in iran… and who i have not yet had the pleasure of meeting but one day hope to. hey salar!

anyhoo it’s a joke.

“An American and an Iranian died and both went to hell

The American said:
I miss US ;
I want to call America and see how everybody is doing there……. See More
He called and talked for about 5 minutes…
Then he said: well, devil how much do I owe you for the phone call?
The devil goes five million dollars…
Five million dollars!!!
He made him a cheque and went to sit back on his chair….
The Iranian starts screaming , I want to call Iran too, I want to see how everybody is doing there too!
He called Iran and he talked for about 20 hours,
He was talking and talking and talking
Then he said: well, devil how much do I owe you for the phone call?
The devil:
One dollar…
ONLY ONE DOLLAR?!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !
The devil goes: yes, well…
From hell to hell,


… that’s it. are you laughing? i don’t find it ha ha funny so much as i find it an interesting insight into humor in other parts of the world. and might i add… america ain’t no heaven! then again i haven’t experienced hell…yet!
anyhoo, i wonder if they have the game “telephone” in iran? if you know, let me know. just whisper in my ear what you hear.

sometimes its good to be bad

May 25, 2010

my friends,

do you recall the great success of asleep at the wheel? well well. i just heard about this “please fire me” website and have giggled and chortled my way all around it. reminds me why i don’t do well in office environments. (not that i can’t appreciate them–after all, i adored asleep at the wheel.) also reminds me that i…

gotta getta gimmick.

that’s right. remember those lovely stuff toys by gund and the ‘gotta get a gund’ selling point? well i gotta get me a gimmick! the 20-something in charge of pls fire me is laughing his way to a book deal. not to mention another couple of 20-somethings whose one trick pony (hilarious mom emails) got picked up for a book deal over a year ago. a great one trick pony…  but still… just one trick. if it can happen to them it should happen to kippy! alrighty. that’s all for maintenant. and no, if i find my gimmick, surely i’ll still be using this website. fret not.


there will be poles

May 20, 2010

…well just one pole actually in erin markey‘s fanfabulous puppy love: a stripper’s tail happening now at pS 122 at the solo nova festival curated by some excellent peeps.

you read that right. tail not tale.  markey is not only a punster but a polester (pole dancer) too! you’ll get a workout from laughing at this outrageous and raucous tour-de-pole about a stripper who falls in love with a fellow disrober.

heck? why should i describe it? read the description here (at bottom of page) and rest assured. it’s been extended! no surprise there. just be sure to ‘take it to the tailor’ before you take it to the theatre. wink!

tooting off to see witness relocation‘s 5 days in march now at la mama etc… i’ve heard great things. but am hoping it’s not quite as circuitous as enjoy, that other recent toshiki okada transport.

ciao for now!


goodluck, goodluck jonathan!

May 6, 2010

my friends,

first: a moment of silence for the passing of umaru yar’aduai. i hope that nigeria’s new leader will bring goodluck to his nation. i mean, what a name! i wonder that the etymologies of his name might be…?

reminds me of a time when i was trolling and tooting around on the inter-web and came across a fascinating discourse on the imagined origins for the name of a jamaican bobsledder, hanukkah wallace.

c’est tout for now,

flying sux

May 3, 2010

my friends and neighbors,

it has been some time since my last missive and that is because i have been on the road. literally! usually my adventures take place in far flung corners of the globe (or, “glob” as i like to say!)… but this time i turned my attention to nearer and dearer destinations. that’s right. it was a coast-to-coast trip.

my companions and i traversed many states. (don’t worry, i wasn’t driving.) in fact, we went through these ones: ny, nj, oh, in, il, io, nb, co, ut, az, nv, ca. hope i’m not forgetting any!

we saw many stores including one called “menards.” those midwesterners sure have a sense of humor!

other bits i should mention a propos of nothing…oh, this blog post “the medium is the message” is a good one. usually i am anti-institutional but the gal who penned it isn’t half bad.

ooh and check out this hilarity. “db” is a good pal and apparently an even better maker of vimeos! well done, db. i look forward to seeing more.

quoi d’autre? ooh yes, the title of this post refers to the rudine nature of flying in the not-so-friendly skies. all those surcharges for checked bags, smelly sandwiches and the like are really so unkind. “next thing you know,” one waitress warned, “you’ll be paying to breathe the air!” though she laughed, her plane cattle audience was not amused. kippy included.

after basking in the freedom of the road, i couldn’t handle sitting for hours on end. “oh my life is so difficult!” i internally moaned.

meanwhile, i was reading seth stevenson‘s fine first novel, grounded: a down to earth journey around the earth. what fine + fun reading! i sure like how he steers clear of environmental high horse-ness and instead focuses on the lack of glamor vis-a-vis flying. oh indeed. kippy couldn’t agree with you more, seth.


PS the one good thing about last night’s flight? spotting david hasselhoff atthe airport. he’s almost as tall as trump!