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i am egypt / flipflops in february

February 17, 2011

friends and fellow citizens,

the other evening i was hosting a friend who’d blown into town. when she was not demanding where my cheese dome and teapot were located, she relayed the remarks of an elder relative. said elder was dismayed over the deaths caused  by protests that have occurred in egypt and other parts of the middle (y)east.

my friend, who admitted that these deaths were indeed very sad, added that they were not in vain. and that instead of rue-ing these sad facts, we should champion the liberty that’s been letting loose by brave souls.  in solidarity she proclaimed, “i am egypt!” this refrain has remained in my head.

strangely, it reminded me of another call to arms. a speech by a football coach. i won’t describe it too much because it’s just too much to handle. watch it and fall in love. note the amazing celtic battle music in the background!

in other news, i just spotted flip flops on 43rd street… toes and all… in february… in new york city! what is this world coming to? tomorrow is supposed to reach 65 degrees fahrenheit. climate change, climate crisis don’t do it justice: this is climate crazy!

kippy over + out


the whole kitten canoodle

February 16, 2011

mes cheres amis,

in belated honor of monday’s love day, i give you merriam webster’s etymology of the fine parole “canoodle.”

The origins of “canoodle” are obscure. Our best guess is that it may come from an English dialect noun of the same spelling meaning “donkey, fool, or foolish lover,” which itself may be an alteration of the word “noodle,” meaning “a foolish person.” That “noodle” in turn may come from “noddle,” a word for the head. The guess seems reasonable given that, since its appearance in the language around the mid-19th century, “canoodle” has been most often used jocularly for playful public displays of affection by couples who are head over heels in love.

(i sort of want this sweatshirt. imagine wearing a word-a-day sweatshirt or t-shirt for a whole year! might that be new year’s resolution 2012???)

i will admit the word “noodle” has connotations far too personal for even this kippy to get involved with. speaking of my favorite dictionary–curious minds want to know. for all those delightful word videos made by the nerdy yet lovable editors at old m-w i have done some sleuthing and found the archive here. huzzah!

also i just ate the most deliscious cheeseburger. double huzzah!

cheerio old chaps!


February 14, 2011

mes amis,

on this day of commercialized love, who do you pine for? i’ll tell you who i’m valenpine-ing for … j/k! i am not the kind to kiss and tell. (well…)  i will say only this: that he is far, far away in a land of sea and mist. they eat bay-gulls there. and i miss him greatly. my heart strings are pulled west.

now then. on to other topics. there’s much to say. firstly, “i’m sorry i haven’t posted in a while.” (dont you hate it when internet types say that? do you think the apology is sincere? i mean–who holds their breath for web posts, anyway?)

anyhoo: if you haven’t tooted on over to half straddle‘s latest hoot, in the pony palace/football, you should do so right this instant. more than a send up or spoof, satter’s latest play is iconic (and bionic!) in all the best ways. as one cast member avowed, “it’s a no brainer. this play is totally fail proof.” indeed, it is. check out those ponies right here:

also, i have recently discovered some fine fashion blogs. most notable is the adorable and hilariously-written man repeller (i am quite keen on her use of “birth control glasses” and the disclaimer she has at the bottom of her website.) kippy approves! and for the record–dont steal kippy’s brain gems either. hmph! (or my bicycle’s handle bars for that matter. i will get you, small-pricked thieves!)

other notes: it’s fashion week. or as one drole soul commented to me–“fascism week.” heh! well, the models are out and about and the men have gone into hiding. actually, it’s a balmy 51 degrees today in gotham. climate crisis? or climate i-love-to-go-suntanning-in-february pleasantness? a temperate winter indeed. i love to wear my lighter winter woolens anyway.

ok, mes amis. c’est tout for now. weather (wink!) you valentine or valenpine today, i hope your day of commercialized love and candy is a sweet one!


ps. if you’ve not seen my latest advice column i’m guest writing for the amazing g.l.o.c. you may look at my post here.

the end of style

February 7, 2011

mes amis,

i hear they’re wearing these in san fransisco. hee hee.

more about it here.

they say that fashions fade while style is eternal…true-dine. good thing fashion week is upon us in the city that sneezes!

yours in good taste…ahhchoo!