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comedy at the carmedie club and rice milk

June 30, 2011

mes amis

while i may have enjoyed some broadway offerings recently, it was the comedy hier soir at jimmy’s 43–that east village austrian joint tucked away underground–that served up the funnies. i’m still having a chuckle!

the iconic comic karen davis was joined by her roommate, newcomer to the scene and poet,  joe rineauneau (rinono??). while i enjoyed both sets for different reasons (karen for the interminable squirms of existential discomfort and joe for the salacious poems and wiley deliveries) i couldn’t help but be most amused when imagining what the pair’s home life is like. just how did karen davis and joe rineauneau (rinono??) wind up living together?? do they share a breakfast routine?? have dinner together???  who cleans the toilet, damnit???!  i wonder just who steals whose milk–or should i say–almond breeze? blaaah. i prefer rice milk if i have to have an alternative to the elixir of cows.

anyhoo, the living arrangement of karen and joe shall remain a great mystery to this kippy! for i was uncharacteristically too shy to speak with them après performance. a rarity–i know!

time to start the day off right. now that i’ve had my espresso i think i will get dressed.

cheerio (wink!) and ciao for now!

ps another excellent aspect to last night’s performances were the gluten-free strawberry shortcake cupcakes. while they proved most difficult to eat in a stately manner, they made up for in scrumptiousness! can rice milk be whipped into oblivion to make for heavenly cream? i don’t think so!


second fiddle

June 29, 2011

my friends and fellow brethren–

just recently i have been playing second fiddle in my local orchestra. and having a ball! naturally, by second fiddle i mean that i have been called upon to swoop in at the last minute as and serve as (second) string to some other string cheeses!

while i usually cannot tolerate being second string to anyone (or any cheese), i will inform you that of late the first strings whom i have replaced are indeed vip. (very important people and players) therefore, this kippy has felt like a vip by proxy!

mmm moxie!

allora, there is nothing more to report other than that i love 80 degree weather in new york city. while i am distressed by the amount of flip flops i am seeing on the streets, i am resting assured that there are two more months of sum sum summer.

ciao for now,

o signore

June 23, 2011

my friends and fellow citiziens–

o signore. where to start? where to start? i have been on a tour of our great nothern american continent and return to gotham with fresh eyes and replenished artistic batteries! the paris of the north (montreal) provided great poutine… the gateway to the west or bugaha (omaha) made way for non-pareil artistic experiences… and various spots in that extra-terrestial planet we call california were wonderful wacky. all journeys in and of themselves. but my vagabond dog days of summer’s start are coming to a close. this kippy is getting to be too old for coach!

(this photo comes from a website called flying cattle)

allora. to reacquaint myself with smelly old new york i took in a matinee yesterday. and you will never guess what i saw: how to succeed in business without really trying. hmph! that daniel radcliffe is a spritely young fellow and it took all my might and muster to restrain myself from bounding onstage to join him in his lithesome (and lustrous) skips, hops, and jumps.what a winning smile that young man has!

ooh it was a fun show to watch! even that john larroquette was not so bad… (and in fact was quite delightful.) but is it true–c’est vrais??–that the harry potter look alike did not win an anthony (my term for tony?) quel horreur! what are these awards coming to?

anyhoo, this kippy must away. time to go to the office i frequent throughout the work week.

ciao for now!

shout outs to my friends in urmia, iran

June 10, 2011

my friends and fellow citizens–

i have been on the road, yes, but it gives me special delight to know that some fine souls in far off lands have taken note of my radio silence. kippy will not be censored or silenced! she will only mince words into special convince mince meat pies! mmm, delicious.

now then, my travels have taken me across the north american continent. i will tell of my (epic) stops in another post when i have more tempo libero. in the meantime, i will say this.  i wish i could have been tooting around in trains or automobiles or horse drawn pavilions… but as it turns out this kippy had to rely on air travel. ick!

you know what is most noxious? when people tell you, ‘ooooh, you can sleep on the plane.’ … only people who do not travel often–or do not know the meaning of a good eight hour ripose–say such monstrosities!

allora, later today i am headed off to LA with a fine texan couple and a dashing musician type. we will travel by automobile and i am most pleased about this. i look forward to stopping at a winery for a sip of vino and some tasty crostini. in the meantime, i must pull a houdini and sign off!


ps speaking of wines, i recall quipping to a famous playwright recently (who was imbibing vino) ‘my sir you’re really going to be getting your veritas on!’ hmph!