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fast fast

June 19, 2009

hello my friends and fellow citizens,

two quick things!

check out my “comment” defending liberty here. no, i’m not quite a libertarian. at least not yet. what’s the big deal anyway? why haven’t those IHSers invited me to one of their seminars yet? [sigh] anyhoo, you’ll spot my comment as “kippyw”!

annnnnd: check out this website/blog i made for the show i’m doing press for: she of the voice

happy internetting! (get the net–right? get it?!) hahaha–i slay myself



theatre me too

June 11, 2009

8 philosophies on acting but… for what? i was rather amiss and askance over the whole thing.

in other news david byrne’s concerto in prospecto parko was positively delicious! i sure hope i can shake my tush like him when i’m that age.