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to the non believers in the non linear

April 18, 2009

my friends and neighbors,

some peole are full of doubts. and that’s a great thing. but if you think theatre needs to have a strong narrative go see Hoi Polloi‘s The less we talk at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater through May 2. it’s a meditation on group singing, has a choir of 25 without a leader…and no exit. imagine that. i hardly did but then i saw it and what a show. as a spectator, it can be a refreshing change of pace to be asked only to obvserve.  the responses the evening I was there were some of the most genuine ones I’ve heard in a long time. oh and the set is really spectacular.



pass it over

April 9, 2009

well, well my friends and colleagues.

its that time of year again. when the april showers are about to bring may flowers (and pilgrims!). and the holidays are upon us.

most believe that by “the holidays” i refer to that dark period between thanksgiving and new years. oh, how american! us theologians know that the real holidays are when the real new year falls (or springs!) … and the ascension of a certain someone coincides with the passing over of a certain Yah Way (and i don’t mean valley girls!).

in honour of the season (non ci sono piu i mezzi stagioni–there are no longer the middle seasons–thanks mirella!) i went to see Banana Bag & Bodice‘s latest tour-de-force last night: Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage … and ooh what a show! what fun to see academia poked fun of in a kind, loving way. and what fine + frolicking performances.


a real treat. kind of like this. and the post show treat was running into some of theatre peeps and pals.

those impromptu hang outs at Cafe Katja are always a welcome excursion.

ooh and i am not a theologian. i just play one on the internet.