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(lost) dreams

April 26, 2011

mes amis—

i have two stickers on my red moleskine agenda which i keep close to my heart. one says “web” and the other says “dreams.” they are so cute together: web dreams, and a web of dreams, and a dream of webs ! but the one marked “dreams” has fallen off.

what could this mean? nothing? something? if it means nothing, then what could that mean? and if it means something, then what could that mean?

it fills me with fear and trembling. perhaps this is a springtime slump, but isn’t spring the time for prospering??? if so, this kippy has missed the bloom and the blossom! ooh it all makes me uneasy to think about. i guess i am just feeling particularly mentally ill today. every time i leave real life, it makes me question the status quo in a gravely grandiose manner.

darkly yours,


happy geester

April 25, 2011

mes amis–

dont think i have passed over geester.

have a happy one. btw: i wonder where this egg dying tradition came from. was it because gesu christo dyed (!) for our sins?

with writerly tidings from the dragon’s egg….

soul’s the goal, zip zip

April 21, 2011

my friends and neighbors—

a quick message before this kippy zips off to the wiles of nature for le weekend. wish me luck! and in the meantime, i wish you all the luck in the world.

assalama (sp??) .. and may you go in peace. now, isn’t that a nice phrase?

one last thought. i heard through the great vine (grape flavored, of course!) this quote: “the soul is a terrible thing to waste.” (!)

kippy would agree. this anecdote oddly reminds me of a quip i recently made to a friend and artistic collaboratrice. as i gave her an earthenware token from a land of revolution i said: “don’t be frightened by the packaging. be frightened of the contents!”

this makes me wonder: should we be frightened of souls? i should certianly hope not! all this g-d talk makes me think of fear and trembling. and with that i say: ciao kierkegaard!

happy geester


a thoughtful head in the clouds (and tra le nuvole)

April 20, 2011

my friends,

i have returned to the city that doesn’t sleep. and indeed i have not slept! or rather, i awoke this morning a short story in mind. unable to dormire encore (as i was writing dans ma tete) i decided to be a scribe and scribble it down. it was nice to recall the days when i wrote the occasional short story here and there. che bello!

then a walk to union square through the farmer’s market and what a lovely gray day it was.

i began to wonder: has kippy become less thoughtful in her aging years? i certainly hope not. i am so rarely in nature these days…and yet my heart was gladdened upon learning of the cloud appreciation society. i certianly hope to join!

a bientot mes amis,

some meaty graffiti dalla tunisie!

April 11, 2011

mes amis,

il y a beau coup de temps que je parle le francais!

i will say that les gens here are tres agreables. je comprends mieux le francais ici que a paris! then again the parisians speak in whispers. and here it helps this kippy to know that everyone speaks not just le francais but also a beautiful mixture of arabic, tunisian arabic, english, and italian. che bello!

alors, there is still much to see. but most of all today i was quite taken with the tanks (!) and the graffiti. les autres fotos are for the touristi. kippy gives just the real deal. and these ones are for the thinking person, which i know you are.


(death to the RCD–aka the former ruling party of Ben Ali)

this next one was a longy-horizontally. too many tunisians were passing to and fro and kippy was too shy to interrupt the pedestrian flow. so i snapped in segments.

(the woman)

(the woman tunisian… aka: the tunisian woman)

(the tunisian woman is free…)

(the tunisian woman is free… and she will stay that way)

(thank you facebook)

(yes we can … obamanation! .. cannot get this to flip vertically. le sigh!)

(…something about how citizens are not slaves…)

c’est tout!


perfecting your poof! snookie style

April 1, 2011

my friends and neighbors,

did you hear that snookie is being paid more than ms. toni morrison to speak at rutgers university? the only reason i can imagine that rutgers has rustled more cash for she-of-the-poof, is because it the dirty jerz school has the highest percentage of stds in the undergraduate population…! no offense to her snookie-ness (who i adore), but ms. morrison should be paid a darn sight more. morrison is wise, learned, and amazing author. snookie has her poof and personality.

did you know i made a vow the other day? it is to never eat at pax again! to put it in modern vernacular: that shit is nasty. or, as i said in my salad days, nast-o-lay…! i was in a hurry and quite hungry and so i popped in and picked up a cubano. the bread was mush, there was a vile tomato in the midst, and it came with a dipping sauce that was more than heinous. it was hein-wah! two layers of cheese of an indiscernible nature made a kind of sandwich-within-a-sandwich. in short, it was disgusting. i managed to eat the whole thing–none the wiser!

quoi d’autre? if you are in gotham this weekend and have a valid student ID i recommend you see three women, directed by anna brenner uptown at that ivey league. you know the one! i believe a country in south america is named after it.

pardon my sass, mes amis! it has been a long week. oooh and if you missed the g.l.o.c. party last night consider yourself nerd-like. this kippy made a brief appearance, arriving fashionably en retard in french stripes. but you know how miss kippy rolls…

last comment: today is one of my preferred holidays. for aren’t we all wise fools?

as a teen (full of even more sass than now, if you can imagine!) i told my mother that i’d quit my after school job. “and i told nancy she was fat!” i proclaimed, referring to the rotund receptionist at the doctor’s office of my employment. as i made my proclamation from the shotgun seat in my family’s station wagon, my mother nearly rolled off the road. too bad i would never have the nerve to do such a thing in real life…!

c’est tout!