some meaty graffiti dalla tunisie!

mes amis,

il y a beau coup de temps que je parle le francais!

i will say that les gens here are tres agreables. je comprends mieux le francais ici que a paris! then again the parisians speak in whispers. and here it helps this kippy to know that everyone speaks not just le francais but also a beautiful mixture of arabic, tunisian arabic, english, and italian. che bello!

alors, there is still much to see. but most of all today i was quite taken with the tanks (!) and the graffiti. les autres fotos are for the touristi. kippy gives just the real deal. and these ones are for the thinking person, which i know you are.


(death to the RCD–aka the former ruling party of Ben Ali)

this next one was a longy-horizontally. too many tunisians were passing to and fro and kippy was too shy to interrupt the pedestrian flow. so i snapped in segments.

(the woman)

(the woman tunisian… aka: the tunisian woman)

(the tunisian woman is free…)

(the tunisian woman is free… and she will stay that way)

(thank you facebook)

(yes we can … obamanation! .. cannot get this to flip vertically. le sigh!)

(…something about how citizens are not slaves…)

c’est tout!



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