perfecting your poof! snookie style

my friends and neighbors,

did you hear that snookie is being paid more than ms. toni morrison to speak at rutgers university? the only reason i can imagine that rutgers has rustled more cash for she-of-the-poof, is because it the dirty jerz school has the highest percentage of stds in the undergraduate population…! no offense to her snookie-ness (who i adore), but ms. morrison should be paid a darn sight more. morrison is wise, learned, and amazing author. snookie has her poof and personality.

did you know i made a vow the other day? it is to never eat at pax again! to put it in modern vernacular: that shit is nasty. or, as i said in my salad days, nast-o-lay…! i was in a hurry and quite hungry and so i popped in and picked up a cubano. the bread was mush, there was a vile tomato in the midst, and it came with a dipping sauce that was more than heinous. it was hein-wah! two layers of cheese of an indiscernible nature made a kind of sandwich-within-a-sandwich. in short, it was disgusting. i managed to eat the whole thing–none the wiser!

quoi d’autre? if you are in gotham this weekend and have a valid student ID i recommend you see three women, directed by anna brenner uptown at that ivey league. you know the one! i believe a country in south america is named after it.

pardon my sass, mes amis! it has been a long week. oooh and if you missed the g.l.o.c. party last night consider yourself nerd-like. this kippy made a brief appearance, arriving fashionably en retard in french stripes. but you know how miss kippy rolls…

last comment: today is one of my preferred holidays. for aren’t we all wise fools?

as a teen (full of even more sass than now, if you can imagine!) i told my mother that i’d quit my after school job. “and i told nancy she was fat!” i proclaimed, referring to the rotund receptionist at the doctor’s office of my employment. as i made my proclamation from the shotgun seat in my family’s station wagon, my mother nearly rolled off the road. too bad i would never have the nerve to do such a thing in real life…!

c’est tout!


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