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and another thing (ghost coat)

March 23, 2009

this one goes out to my e-pal bryan. though he and i have never officially met i have a feeling that this photo will appeal to his artistic sensibilites and love of the absurd. while in riga, i’d pop back to my hotel late in the evening and this booth with a red coat would be all alit and the coat would be MOVING. dancing and bip bopping around. i have no idea what the advertisement was for. certainly not the coat. and not for a car. some vague corporation. but what movement and verve that little red coat had at night! (and just at night!) and a sad kind of poetry too. dancing for passerbys and sometimes… no one at all but the empty streets.


they say latvia is for lovers. but i say its for lonesters. and little red coats.

PS. visu labu!


livin latvia loca

March 21, 2009

my friends,

i’ve returned from riga where i was for a festival. what were we celebrating? life of course!

did you know that during the soviet era there was a ban on flowers? i didn’t.

but now i do. and i’m telling you: it’s customary to bring flowers to a lavtian person’s home when you visit… but be sure to bring an odd number! even numbers are for funerals.


a call to arms

March 9, 2009

Well well my friends,

It has been brought to my attention that I do not “post” enough. Whatever does this mean? This is a website with the occasional update. Certainly not a blog. Blah. And bah hum bug.

On this rainy day I’m reminded of time spent in Iceland. Those misty clouds and creep-o yet kewl colors. What a land! I’m currently working on getting those Knockout Blow girls to go a festival there called Lรณkal. Perhaps the great playwright/politico Sigtryggur Magnason will be there! Or Kristin Omarsdottir. Hey–a gal can hope.

And hey–what’s with the lack of accents on this thing!? Very annoying.

Anyway, I leave you with a snap shot of last year’s Armory International Art Fair:


That’s right, this is from March 2008. Pre-financial collapse. Do you spot that Hermes scarf from these Fruit and Flower Deli dudes? They sure seem to be from the land of fruits and nuts! Additional images are in the pages of the ELLE 2008 September issue.

My pal Virginie told me that this year’s Armory pickings were slim. But hey–she’s French and all those Frenchies are all skinny minnies!