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she’s baaaaaaaaack

June 17, 2013

cari amici,

mes amis. i know it has been a unforgivably long time since last i wrote. i know. i know.

“but kippy, i missed your charming dissertations on all manner of quotidian life!”
“but kippy, where have you been? lahore? jakarta? stockholm”
“but kippy, i had nothing fun to read on the world wide web for the last two point five months!”

all i can say is that i am sorry and that it displeases me. as we all know, my web log is a project i like to dip in and out of. the instant it becomes work is the instant that i start acting like a jerk… wink!

allora, things have settled down a bit for me. it was, to say an understatement,  a busy spring. saw some great theatrical feats, including this, and of course popped over to omaha for the very great, great plains theatre conference (aka the gptc) as well as dallas for the theatre communications group’s annual extravaganza. not to mention humanimal coverage at the humana festival in louisville, ky (jelly).

there were remarkably few bran muffin's at this year's tcg conference

there were remarkably few bran muffin’s at this year’s tcg conference

i was also in austin for a bit of time. ooh that city of my soul! how i dream of living in some bungalow, attending some crummy day job but feeling free-free-free. i imagine that if i were to live in austin i’d do yoga regularly and learn to play some instrument. perhaps i’d finally become a great gook and have the time to learn arabic or russian or japanese. and yet, i wonder. do i dream of the land of tacos, sunshine and bicycles simply because the mind needs a place to escape to? it is important to dream…

yesterday, for example, i found myself at tortilla flats, a mainstay in my new york city jeuness, in the late afternoon. (as a youth i recall being appalled and amused at a particular brunch to see on the menu, “coffee? no! taquilla? si!”) anyhoo. yesterday i sat around a table of old friends and new… and it felt an awfully like being in austin. there was ample sunshine, a gentle southwesterly breeze–a zephyr, if you will–and actors sounding off. the food wasn’t nearly as good as in austin, but the company and tasty margharitas transported me on a kind of mental vacation.



allora, can one change one’s dreamland escape? i love il bel paese, for example, but don’t dare dream of returning there for good. then again my tongue could never totally convince others that i was indeed italiana. not to mention how my freckles belied a certain mediterranean spirit!

in ogni caso, i look forward to a new york summer. with jaunts upstate and of course to my true homeland, cape cod.

ooh but how i adore this place

ooh but how i adore this place

ciao for now and ci sentiamo presto,