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blacker than blue

August 24, 2010


when the weather is as grey as the day is long it’s so easy to feel down in the dumps as i feel today. who knew how cruel august could be? feels like february–without the promise of spring.

well, patricia marx always delights. even with my years of experience in the field and beyond, i’d happily be a fan or a gofer or an intern for marx if it meant having an eight of her authorial pizzazz. so send me her way.  too bad it is so hard to track her down…

did you know that vuvuzela had not previously been in the dictionary? a quandary: if there is a misspelling in the dictionary how will one ever know the word is misspelled?

and speaking of all things grammatical. it cheered me a bit to learn that jane austen had a creative punctuation style… one that would have certainly fit into kippy world.

ooh this reminds me of a spate of articles about bicycle parking intiatives… what a cute trend this  bicycle theatre. sadly, i missed the showing.

now then. a very funny thing happened earlier today. i read about nina simon‘s views on museums, status, class and race. it was good and interesting stuff. but i was most perplexed knowing that the singer died a few years ago.

nina simon is not nina simone. (usually i would insert an exclamation point or three here but seeing as i am in the depths of despair, i will spare you. )

are you ready?



helle’s belles

August 19, 2010

friends and neighbors,

this nytimes article, about how the elaine benes look from seinfeld is influencing fashion, made me pleased as punch. nothing like a floral dress and heavy boots to make you feel like a strong woman!

i was also delighted to spot various personal references such as the opening of the algus greenspon gallery along with a quote from my favorite fashion news director at old elle magazine–which i sometimes called (h)elle while working there…zing! those days, and nights, in fashion can be long.

anyhoozle, the look sure is nostalgic. and i can’t wait to don my betsy johnson dress with my white repettos. yum! meanwhile, what a nice chance to think back on one of my fave series.


swatch me now

August 18, 2010


a few things… i just read on the elevator (source of all my news) that college freshman in the year 2014 will not know how to write in cursive and will have barely worn wristwatches.

quel domage!

not that i much care for cursive. though it’s beautiful in handwritten olden letters, it’s not so fun to use/read in real life. i recall being a young whippersnapper and bucking at the pleas of my teachers to write in script. a daily journal my classmates and i kept had me writing tales about the penguin who hated writing in cursive…and the frog who agreed! my teacher didn’t seem to notice. and now my salad days are over.

nevertheless, i still hew close to a wristwatch. and there’s not a watch i love more than a swatch. classic, simple and to the point, these devices truly are timeless–wink!

i understand between now and aug 29 you can pop into your local swatch store for a dr. swatch check up. that’s right: complimentary batteries, strap adjustments and buffing. just remember to bring your swiss made time piece!

and so long as i am waxing nostalgic… allow me to share with you these two articles.

this one really depressed me. (it’s about facebook no doubt.)

and this one drove me a bit further into the abyss.

but like my good pal friedrich nietzsche, i stare cheerfully into the abyss!


here he looks like such a sourpuss!

who doesn’t love a koan?

August 13, 2010


though i have long been practicing zen buddhism it somehow evaded me this word: kōan. read all about it here.

recently i experienced one myself. my talkative mother was without a cellphone charger. my father, who is new to texting and a nearly a septigenarian, texted me the following: “no phone duz not equal silence.”

indeed, truer words never texted!

quoi d’autre? in other news, i was delighted to recently take in grimm, a smorgasbord offering presented by company one of boston. how i love beantown and it’s charming theatrical presentations! company one’s ensemble was a talent motley mix which very much pleased me and the texts spanned theatre greats and unknowns. very nice.

just enjoying the dog days of august now… though i  hear certain employees of a nameless not-for-profit are feeling rather dogged. cue music to “another one bites the dust” and “dropping like flies” ohh wait, the latter isn’t a song. it should be though!

ta ta for now,

ps as for the phenomenology of ugly… i disagree. keirkegaard was hot!

lastly: a joke courtesy of text koan-nen-a-tor

rene descartes walks into a restaurant and sits down for dinner. the waiter comes over and asks if he’d like a drink.

“i think not!” he says, and POOF! he disappeared.

all gone!

August 6, 2010


just a quick one and i know i’m late on this… but what’s with white house energy advisor carol browner claiming that 75% of the oil in le gulf is all gone???


je ne comprends pas.

tar balls are not a cute look for the beach.

oil slick as a hick,

in turn intern

August 2, 2010


the very fashionable women of ofakind are seeking interns. tell your smart-as-a-whip fashionable friends about the great opportunity posted here.

and speaking of smart women, half straddle‘s nurses in new england recently came to a close at soho’s ohio theatre. described as a “send up” to medical shows past and present, nurses did indeed create some drama of its own. the last performance (and post-show soiree) drew party crash and burners from off the street, one of whom offered newly purchased american apparel socks along with designer drugs to those around him. i am told one half straddler took the socks but nothing more!

meanwhile, i am contemplating the new iphone. heh.