helle’s belles

friends and neighbors,

this nytimes article, about how the elaine benes look from seinfeld is influencing fashion, made me pleased as punch. nothing like a floral dress and heavy boots to make you feel like a strong woman!

i was also delighted to spot various personal references such as the opening of the algus greenspon gallery along with a quote from my favorite fashion news director at old elle magazine–which i sometimes called (h)elle while working there…zing! those days, and nights, in fashion can be long.

anyhoozle, the look sure is nostalgic. and i can’t wait to don my betsy johnson dress with my white repettos. yum! meanwhile, what a nice chance to think back on one of my fave series.



2 Responses to “helle’s belles”

  1. claire Says:

    you’re my hero, kippy.

  2. kippywinston Says:

    right back at ya ms claire… you are truly ‘of a kind’!

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