swatch me now


a few things… i just read on the elevator (source of all my news) that college freshman in the year 2014 will not know how to write in cursive and will have barely worn wristwatches.

quel domage!

not that i much care for cursive. though it’s beautiful in handwritten olden letters, it’s not so fun to use/read in real life. i recall being a young whippersnapper and bucking at the pleas of my teachers to write in script. a daily journal my classmates and i kept had me writing tales about the penguin who hated writing in cursive…and the frog who agreed! my teacher didn’t seem to notice. and now my salad days are over.

nevertheless, i still hew close to a wristwatch. and there’s not a watch i love more than a swatch. classic, simple and to the point, these devices truly are timeless–wink!

i understand between now and aug 29 you can pop into your local swatch store for a dr. swatch check up. that’s right: complimentary batteries, strap adjustments and buffing. just remember to bring your swiss made time piece!

and so long as i am waxing nostalgic… allow me to share with you these two articles.

this one really depressed me. (it’s about facebook no doubt.)

and this one drove me a bit further into the abyss.

but like my good pal friedrich nietzsche, i stare cheerfully into the abyss!


here he looks like such a sourpuss!


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