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February 24, 2010

mes amis,

il y a beaucoup de temps…i meant to post this a while ago but got distracted.

anyway let me tell you. go and see this show while it is playing.

i was not expecting such a thrill. and even though you will now expect a thrill, i still think you will be thrilled. great tunes and amazing asides. it happens at the bushwick starr, one of my favorite unsung locales.

and if there are other performances of paula abdul vampire go to that too. not like they need the press though.

btw: you heard it here first. wine in a can. why not? yeah there are prob a million reasons why not but there are million more for why to. also: let’s say you book a trip with your honey and then things turn sour but you dont want to loose money. this website puts break ups in touch with last minute deal hunters. it is an idea. and an awesome one. don’t steel it.

ok. kippy has to toot off now. there is work to be done!


ps. a blog that is lame is now called a blowg (pronunced blow-geh.) thanks mkb!