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feed me seymour

October 29, 2009

my friends,

no, no. i’ve never even seen little shop of horrors, but let me tell you, i was positively *horrified* when i read this article in the NY Times about actors being fed lines by prompters.

i mean if you’re old, you’re old. i get it. ok. but, matthew broderick? for real? come one now.

i’m no actor, just a free lovin’, free-wheelin’ press gal, as you know. but i would balk at publicizing such a practice…especially with the cost of tickets only soaring. yipes! maybe feeding lines was ok in the old days–and maybe it should still be ok for old actors–but otherwise: buck up and learn your lines!

kippy mandate over + out

mmm. a man date.


ps. and speaking of old stuff and man dates, saw some grand old musical theatre the other night. i tell you, west side story, is totally a classic for a reason. songs are tuneful and the story universal.

pps. this is totally fascinating.


shine-o-la, shalimar, shaba laba ding dong

October 28, 2009

my friends,

got wind of a new expression yesterday…(you’ll get my italics in a moment)

to know ‘shit from shinola’ … apparently shinola is a land where people don’t know jack. why, i wonder is it not “to know shit from shangri-la” …?


at any rate, i’ll def be adding this little l’argot to my lexicon! though, of course i also love how the italians put such a notion: non so un bel niente… to not know a beautiful nothing.

well well.

shinola also reminds me of the powerful closing of toni morrison‘s epic song of soloman. just the other evening, i was chatting in fine company and recited these words:

“for now he knew what shalimar knew: if you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”

my sentiments exactly, ms. morrison!


in other news, went to see ghost light the other night. what a hoot! if you like B movies, hilarious one liners, spooky stuff, great acting and fabu directing (thanks mr. zayas) you’ll quite enjoy this play. i know i sure did. plus, there is that great little hang out area at E59E.

ok, c’est tout for now,


it’ll cost you

October 16, 2009

ok friends,

fyi: at first the title of this was “an idea for youtube” but you know i don’t play obvious.

here goes. i was just at my local cafe of organic and earthy delights. usually i purchase soup or an over-priced brownie (yet so worth it for those satisfying chocolate chunks and all around gooey goodness).

anyhoo, i was with my like-minded organic friend, and i decided to buy fresh squeezed orange juice. (plus the usual brownie) my organic friend said

how much do you think that orange juice’ll cost you?

and i said

probably a million dollars.

at this point a bald and tall man in front of us, with a warm dorkey smile and thinning red hair gave a little nod-laugh in our direction.

the idea for youtube is this: a couple of friends have this interaction. the young heroine orders her fresh squeezed orange juice. she and her friend make the little dialogue and the tall bald man makes his friendly overture. and when the barrista runs the till he says in an ominous tone,

that’ll be a million dollars.

and then there can be dramatic music that swells! and we can see dollar $ symbols in the barrista’s eye balls and then they can begin to pulsate like a zombie!

and then we can flash to the look of shock and horror on the girl’s face. and she can look in her wallet but there is only a $20 bill. and her organic friend can stand there all aghast and in horror too. and it will be HILARIOUS.

ok. so that is the idea. it will  become a meem and it will be meemorable…!

now there’s the kind of word play you know i can’t resist.

over + out,


orange juice

ps the orange juice cost $4.50

pps i heard the three sisters (see post n’oublie pas) is indeed really spectacular. epic etc.

and n’oublie pas

October 15, 2009

heard this was good guys.

chekhov it out if you can. it’s free


civ (not so) ick

October 15, 2009

my friends,

jury duty called and i found myself at the courthouse bright and early these past few days. i had postponed time and again what with all my jetting around and the time had come to show up.

it was certainly a theatrical experience. one of the things i like most about new york city is the vast variety of people we’ve got living in this big apple of ours. now before i get all corn dog on you hear me out.

there we were… in what felt like a drab airport waiting room (even though no one was going anywhere… ‘cept justice-county!) and despite today’s inclement weather (huzzah, huzzah) we were all just getting along reading, dozing, and chatting quietly with one another. i mean, strangers talking to strangers! now when does that happen? the two men in charge were a pair of mild mannered comedians… calling out names and proclaiming quips that if retold would be out of context and likely bore. so the kip will spare you. nevertheless, it was overwhelmingly charming to see all these people from all these different walks of life patiently endure the hours and then return after lunch…and on time! and to have those two princes at the helm/at the mic made it all the more enjoyable.

so thank you mr. brown and mr. steve. you made my civic duty not so icky afterall.



PS and the fools running today’s outdoor theatre event, i am SO glad it rained on your parade. no one crosses the kippy. thank you mother nature for having my back on this one.

suf yawn

October 7, 2009

pals and potentials,

i heard our rocking, rollicking friend sufjan stevens was up to no good last night. music and merry making with a shot gunned beer to boot! i’m told the conspiring shot gunners in question were some young men who have special access to a special song “the lonely man of winter” …

now, i have been to one of those listening sessions and those young men do make excellent tea and cookies. but i’d have to say they’re better at conversation making (despite the immense awkwardness that hangs in the air they’re charming to a fault, those two! and both as cute as toots!)

and did i mention i once shot gunned a beer with the esteemed kristin linklater? read about it here. the kipster is indeed described by the vocal master as “the mercifully more nervous young woman” ha.

anyhoozle, got a call from my dearest and oldest gal pal last night and heard she’s been having “big and abstract” thoughts. does this mean she and her man will finally tie the cord? (i know the expression is knot, but you know how i roll) knot tying (or cord tying as the case may be!) sounds a whole lot more literal than abstract. hmmm.

and might i add: what’s the deal with nymf!? that festival has fringe written all over it. call me a snob but i call it as i see it. then again i’ve gotta say mo faya wasn’t all too bad… when the actors remembered their lines! ok, kidding. sort of. what? hey, look a shiny penny. no really, what’s not to love about a musical about a DJ who fights the righteous fight with catchy tunes? i still have those tunes stuck in my head.

peace out!