it’ll cost you

ok friends,

fyi: at first the title of this was “an idea for youtube” but you know i don’t play obvious.

here goes. i was just at my local cafe of organic and earthy delights. usually i purchase soup or an over-priced brownie (yet so worth it for those satisfying chocolate chunks and all around gooey goodness).

anyhoo, i was with my like-minded organic friend, and i decided to buy fresh squeezed orange juice. (plus the usual brownie) my organic friend said

how much do you think that orange juice’ll cost you?

and i said

probably a million dollars.

at this point a bald and tall man in front of us, with a warm dorkey smile and thinning red hair gave a little nod-laugh in our direction.

the idea for youtube is this: a couple of friends have this interaction. the young heroine orders her fresh squeezed orange juice. she and her friend make the little dialogue and the tall bald man makes his friendly overture. and when the barrista runs the till he says in an ominous tone,

that’ll be a million dollars.

and then there can be dramatic music that swells! and we can see dollar $ symbols in the barrista’s eye balls and then they can begin to pulsate like a zombie!

and then we can flash to the look of shock and horror on the girl’s face. and she can look in her wallet but there is only a $20 bill. and her organic friend can stand there all aghast and in horror too. and it will be HILARIOUS.

ok. so that is the idea. it will  become a meem and it will be meemorable…!

now there’s the kind of word play you know i can’t resist.

over + out,


orange juice

ps the orange juice cost $4.50

pps i heard the three sisters (see post n’oublie pas) is indeed really spectacular. epic etc.


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