civ (not so) ick

my friends,

jury duty called and i found myself at the courthouse bright and early these past few days. i had postponed time and again what with all my jetting around and the time had come to show up.

it was certainly a theatrical experience. one of the things i like most about new york city is the vast variety of people we’ve got living in this big apple of ours. now before i get all corn dog on you hear me out.

there we were… in what felt like a drab airport waiting room (even though no one was going anywhere… ‘cept justice-county!) and despite today’s inclement weather (huzzah, huzzah) we were all just getting along reading, dozing, and chatting quietly with one another. i mean, strangers talking to strangers! now when does that happen? the two men in charge were a pair of mild mannered comedians… calling out names and proclaiming quips that if retold would be out of context and likely bore. so the kip will spare you. nevertheless, it was overwhelmingly charming to see all these people from all these different walks of life patiently endure the hours and then return after lunch…and on time! and to have those two princes at the helm/at the mic made it all the more enjoyable.

so thank you mr. brown and mr. steve. you made my civic duty not so icky afterall.



PS and the fools running today’s outdoor theatre event, i am SO glad it rained on your parade. no one crosses the kippy. thank you mother nature for having my back on this one.


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