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boom boom and back

April 15, 2010

my friends and neighbors,

i know it has been some time. but i’ve been as busy as a bee in spring time! here are a few things i have been meaning to share. note me!

one: saw some theatre up at sing sing. those inmates are an amazing bunch. gotta love rehabilitation for the arts. and gotta love (even more?) a tiny escape from metropolis living and fried fish!

two: caught a great reading at barbès in bklyn as part of the play firm’s 25 cent thing-a-roo. i understand upcoming ones should excite. more on that soon.

three: those half straddlers were at it again at dixon place with a great piece called football in march. apparently they have an upcoming gig at the ice factory festival this summer. sadly, we’ve parted ways as they’ve signed on with meow cat mgt. but i’m sure we’ll continue to work together on the occasional project here or there. when my travels permit me.

four: ooh man. was in co, springs to attend a passion play, the thorn, which came along with a number of cultural mishaps. hooo weee! everyone may have been speaking english but we all seemed to come from different planets! the air is indeed thin out there. and those rocky mountains? pile of stinking rocks!

five: i have been to the  boom boom room and back  and let me tell you, it was wonderful. twice in one month is positively sinful! ooh and kenmare restaurant, which just opened, is great too.


PS was going to moan and groan about an atrocious (in)humana experience but the blog world is so full of notes on dreadful theatre. i will say that a high school band of young thespians indeed improved my weakened spirits the week of my humana hangover. so, go youths! thank you for making me believe in art making again!