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a sublime momentino

November 14, 2008

my friends,

was down in philly last night for the Philadelphia Improv Festival. what a hoot and a half! I was trailing the team Vacation Island (naturally of New York fame–they are residents at the People’s Improv Theater) and they sure had a great show. not to mention dinner (!) which was courtesy of a local grocery store (evidently there are no restaurants in philadelphia). some group members decided to stay on the city of brotherly love while other team members chose to trek back to the big apple (not before popping into a local pub). all in all a grand time, especially that momentino of sublimity where the audience applauded after laughing. here’s a pic of the group:vacationisland-emailable1


it’s about time

November 6, 2008


Beaming in from abroad but what joy that Mr. Obama won! And I sure am pumped he’s picked a cute toot cheif of staff. Hubba hubba!

Plus let’s not forget the celebrity treatment some people received in Manhattan. A close source to one Soho-ite tells me it took the downtowner less than 10 minutes door-to-door to vote. Booth ushers and volunteers greeted her with hope and enthusiasm and even let her German cousin observe the democratic process. (photo seen below) Then again, some other voters got their panties in a twist in front of the ever ebullient local Zac Posen.