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cute boots and cacography

February 10, 2012

my friends–

two thoughts on this day when the sun seems to be crawling further west later into the early eve (blessings!)

1. look at these boots. i would like to wear them around town pls.

tres mignon!

mais elles sont tres mignon!
they will be on display at the old new museum.
perhaps if i sport these puppies around this urban desert my man bill cunningham will photograph moi?
a girl can dream…

2. dew ewe noh wut cacography means?
i didn’t either until i read about this  fine werd this morning and realized i  subscribe to its preachings!
take that samuel johnson and the oed…! ooh dickshunaireez.
don’t even get me started on the professor and the madman.
what a dear sweet and sad tale that was.


3. i lied.
i have three things i wanted to say. what was the third thing? i forget.
ooh i know.
girls. pls get your dentistry degrees. for this is shameful!
medicaid counselor encouraged teen to get pregnant for dental coverage

no reason to smile about braces!

4. the real third thing i wanted to discuss was
two words.
((as in genius, or brilliant))

no, no noguchi

ok c’est tout pour le moment.

a bientot mes amis,


a lonely species, a lonely planet, our planet and teddy bears

February 8, 2012

my friends and fellow citizens,

read the below passage the other day in the nytimes and find it most moving (even if i am not big on zoos)

“What a lonely species we are, searching for signals of life from other galaxies, adopting companion animals, visiting parks and zoos to commune with other beasts. In the process, we discover our shared identity. We flock to zoos for many reasons, not least to shed some of the burden of being human.”

Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

do you think there’s life on other planets?

can you imagine a world without animals? or stuffed animals? i had a small bear as a young lass and lord i loved him so. he traveled with me everywhere and even appears in a grade school class portrait! one of his arms was more skinny than the other because i always held that arm with my left hand… that is my own paw!

very cute

anyhoo, i recall a european once describing to me his own imagined personal hell and said it would be a world like the one we live in only with no animals. and only low waisted pants. i do love a high waist .. but certainly there should exceptions … most notably for jeggings!

i sign off to you proudly wearing a medium waisted pair of pants i sported in high school,

ps this was charming!

pps took in a soiree at the japan society monday evening for a reading of  yukio shiba’s play our planet. what a lovely symphony it seemed but how i yearn to hear it in the original japanese and understand every word play. ooh and don’t even get me started on the toilets at the japan society. they may be public but they are this kippy’s personal heaven!

our dear system

mother mother

February 6, 2012

my friends and fellow earth citizens–

everyone has a mother and i’m lucky enough to have one who is just as much a character as me. if not more so! she is a wonderful, funny and inspiring person. and much kinder than me!

...and more gluten free!

anyhoo. imagine my heartwarming surprise when i happened upon an elevator today in the building i frequent mondays through fridays and found two chatty older dames.  here is a recollection of their exchange:

don't get stuck in one of these

-oh i tried it in florida

-let me guess: the humidity?

-i had great hair days in florida cause of the humidity!


-like wooosh! (an arm gesture) look at me now.

-didn’t your daughter get married recently?

-she did.

-mazel tov. that’s wonderful.

-i’m telling you, if she could married, everyone has hope.


-she brought home some real stinkers.

-oh yeah?

-some she liked. some who liked her. but this one’s a real home-run. so there’s hope for everyone.

the women eyed me with kind suspicion. ooh to talk about hair and weddings!

this hair is major

atchoo! a l’heure!