mother mother

my friends and fellow earth citizens–

everyone has a mother and i’m lucky enough to have one who is just as much a character as me. if not more so! she is a wonderful, funny and inspiring person. and much kinder than me!

...and more gluten free!

anyhoo. imagine my heartwarming surprise when i happened upon an elevator today in the building i frequent mondays through fridays and found two chatty older dames.  here is a recollection of their exchange:

don't get stuck in one of these

-oh i tried it in florida

-let me guess: the humidity?

-i had great hair days in florida cause of the humidity!


-like wooosh! (an arm gesture) look at me now.

-didn’t your daughter get married recently?

-she did.

-mazel tov. that’s wonderful.

-i’m telling you, if she could married, everyone has hope.


-she brought home some real stinkers.

-oh yeah?

-some she liked. some who liked her. but this one’s a real home-run. so there’s hope for everyone.

the women eyed me with kind suspicion. ooh to talk about hair and weddings!

this hair is major

atchoo! a l’heure!


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