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shana tovah and other ruminations

September 28, 2011

mes amis,

il y a beau coup de temps que je ne write pas. i have been off in the northern lands, picking mushrooms, blueberries, lingonberries and the like (not that i’m a blueberry picker mind you…not that there’s anything wrong with it. wink!)

the finnish bluebs were so fine they stained our teeth a most grim blue hue. truly terrifying! worse than red wine mouth.

allora. there is too much to say. but i will say this. hello. how are you? i am fine thanks. happy new year. why thank you. shana tovah to you too. why thanks. say, did you know there is a kippy drive in newton, massachusetts?

et voila. mon pere took this photo on a digital hand held device. how covert! perhaps he was mistaken for some kind of secret agent. or worse, one of those google  mappers!

say, you know what bugs me? …people…who use…these…ellipses…too much…and do so…to induce guilt! people and their dot dot dots can take a back back seat! fammi spiegare ..¬† allow me to explain. (nb: the dot dot, or.. is far different than the trailing dot dot dot…)

a press person recently didn’t do his job very well, and when he tried to fly me out to an exotic land of fresh fruits to see some teatro it was too late. this kippy keeps busy! i said, “boo! too late. ahh well.” i was genuinely disappointed. i never mind a free trip to a warm climate. nevertheless, he had not done his job good enough and has missed his window of opportunity. and do you know how he responded? “i tried…” as if those three dots are supposed to make me feel badly that he didn’t do his job very well. hmph!

quoi d’autre. wedding season is not over yet. far from it… (heh!)

ooh if you haven’t seen the select, the sun also rises get yourself on a bull and get thyself to new york theatre workshop! each performer is more charming than the last. this kippy was smitten.

a toot a l’heur,

ps and speaking of the humidity, watch this genie!