cute boots and cacography

my friends–

two thoughts on this day when the sun seems to be crawling further west later into the early eve (blessings!)

1. look at these boots. i would like to wear them around town pls.

tres mignon!

mais elles sont tres mignon!
they will be on display at the old new museum.
perhaps if i sport these puppies around this urban desert my man bill cunningham will photograph moi?
a girl can dream…

2. dew ewe noh wut cacography means?
i didn’t either until i read about this  fine werd this morning and realized i  subscribe to its preachings!
take that samuel johnson and the oed…! ooh dickshunaireez.
don’t even get me started on the professor and the madman.
what a dear sweet and sad tale that was.


3. i lied.
i have three things i wanted to say. what was the third thing? i forget.
ooh i know.
girls. pls get your dentistry degrees. for this is shameful!
medicaid counselor encouraged teen to get pregnant for dental coverage

no reason to smile about braces!

4. the real third thing i wanted to discuss was
two words.
((as in genius, or brilliant))

no, no noguchi

ok c’est tout pour le moment.

a bientot mes amis,


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