feed me seymour

my friends,

no, no. i’ve never even seen little shop of horrors, but let me tell you, i was positively *horrified* when i read this article in the NY Times about actors being fed lines by prompters.

i mean if you’re old, you’re old. i get it. ok. but, matthew broderick? for real? come one now.

i’m no actor, just a free lovin’, free-wheelin’ press gal, as you know. but i would balk at publicizing such a practice…especially with the cost of tickets only soaring. yipes! maybe feeding lines was ok in the old days–and maybe it should still be ok for old actors–but otherwise: buck up and learn your lines!

kippy mandate over + out

mmm. a man date.


ps. and speaking of old stuff and man dates, saw some grand old musical theatre the other night. i tell you, west side story, is totally a classic for a reason. songs are tuneful and the story universal.

pps. this is totally fascinating.


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