shine-o-la, shalimar, shaba laba ding dong

my friends,

got wind of a new expression yesterday…(you’ll get my italics in a moment)

to know ‘shit from shinola’ … apparently shinola is a land where people don’t know jack. why, i wonder is it not “to know shit from shangri-la” …?


at any rate, i’ll def be adding this little l’argot to my lexicon! though, of course i also love how the italians put such a notion: non so un bel niente… to not know a beautiful nothing.

well well.

shinola also reminds me of the powerful closing of toni morrison‘s epic song of soloman. just the other evening, i was chatting in fine company and recited these words:

“for now he knew what shalimar knew: if you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”

my sentiments exactly, ms. morrison!


in other news, went to see ghost light the other night. what a hoot! if you like B movies, hilarious one liners, spooky stuff, great acting and fabu directing (thanks mr. zayas) you’ll quite enjoy this play. i know i sure did. plus, there is that great little hang out area at E59E.

ok, c’est tout for now,



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