suf yawn

pals and potentials,

i heard our rocking, rollicking friend sufjan stevens was up to no good last night. music and merry making with a shot gunned beer to boot! i’m told the conspiring shot gunners in question were some young men who have special access to a special song “the lonely man of winter” …

now, i have been to one of those listening sessions and those young men do make excellent tea and cookies. but i’d have to say they’re better at conversation making (despite the immense awkwardness that hangs in the air they’re charming to a fault, those two! and both as cute as toots!)

and did i mention i once shot gunned a beer with the esteemed kristin linklater? read about it here. the kipster is indeed described by the vocal master as “the mercifully more nervous young woman” ha.

anyhoozle, got a call from my dearest and oldest gal pal last night and heard she’s been having “big and abstract” thoughts. does this mean she and her man will finally tie the cord? (i know the expression is knot, but you know how i roll) knot tying (or cord tying as the case may be!) sounds a whole lot more literal than abstract. hmmm.

and might i add: what’s the deal with nymf!? that festival has fringe written all over it. call me a snob but i call it as i see it. then again i’ve gotta say mo faya wasn’t all too bad… when the actors remembered their lines! ok, kidding. sort of. what? hey, look a shiny penny. no really, what’s not to love about a musical about a DJ who fights the righteous fight with catchy tunes? i still have those tunes stuck in my head.

peace out!


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