blacker than blue


when the weather is as grey as the day is long it’s so easy to feel down in the dumps as i feel today. who knew how cruel august could be? feels like february–without the promise of spring.

well, patricia marx always delights. even with my years of experience in the field and beyond, i’d happily be a fan or a gofer or an intern for marx if it meant having an eight of her authorial pizzazz. so send me her way.  too bad it is so hard to track her down…

did you know that vuvuzela had not previously been in the dictionary? a quandary: if there is a misspelling in the dictionary how will one ever know the word is misspelled?

and speaking of all things grammatical. it cheered me a bit to learn that jane austen had a creative punctuation style… one that would have certainly fit into kippy world.

ooh this reminds me of a spate of articles about bicycle parking intiatives… what a cute trend this  bicycle theatre. sadly, i missed the showing.

now then. a very funny thing happened earlier today. i read about nina simon‘s views on museums, status, class and race. it was good and interesting stuff. but i was most perplexed knowing that the singer died a few years ago.

nina simon is not nina simone. (usually i would insert an exclamation point or three here but seeing as i am in the depths of despair, i will spare you. )

are you ready?



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