who doesn’t love a koan?


though i have long been practicing zen buddhism it somehow evaded me this word: kōan. read all about it here.

recently i experienced one myself. my talkative mother was without a cellphone charger. my father, who is new to texting and a nearly a septigenarian, texted me the following: “no phone duz not equal silence.”

indeed, truer words never texted!

quoi d’autre? in other news, i was delighted to recently take in grimm, a smorgasbord offering presented by company one of boston. how i love beantown and it’s charming theatrical presentations! company one’s ensemble was a talent motley mix which very much pleased me and the texts spanned theatre greats and unknowns. very nice.

just enjoying the dog days of august now… though i  hear certain employees of a nameless not-for-profit are feeling rather dogged. cue music to “another one bites the dust” and “dropping like flies” ohh wait, the latter isn’t a song. it should be though!

ta ta for now,

ps as for the phenomenology of ugly… i disagree. keirkegaard was hot!

lastly: a joke courtesy of text koan-nen-a-tor

rene descartes walks into a restaurant and sits down for dinner. the waiter comes over and asks if he’d like a drink.

“i think not!” he says, and POOF! he disappeared.


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