soul’s the goal, zip zip

my friends and neighbors—

a quick message before this kippy zips off to the wiles of nature for le weekend. wish me luck! and in the meantime, i wish you all the luck in the world.

assalama (sp??) .. and may you go in peace. now, isn’t that a nice phrase?

one last thought. i heard through the great vine (grape flavored, of course!) this quote: “the soul is a terrible thing to waste.” (!)

kippy would agree. this anecdote oddly reminds me of a quip i recently made to a friend and artistic collaboratrice. as i gave her an earthenware token from a land of revolution i said: “don’t be frightened by the packaging. be frightened of the contents!”

this makes me wonder: should we be frightened of souls? i should certianly hope not! all this g-d talk makes me think of fear and trembling. and with that i say: ciao kierkegaard!

happy geester



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