the whole kitten canoodle

mes cheres amis,

in belated honor of monday’s love day, i give you merriam webster’s etymology of the fine parole “canoodle.”

The origins of “canoodle” are obscure. Our best guess is that it may come from an English dialect noun of the same spelling meaning “donkey, fool, or foolish lover,” which itself may be an alteration of the word “noodle,” meaning “a foolish person.” That “noodle” in turn may come from “noddle,” a word for the head. The guess seems reasonable given that, since its appearance in the language around the mid-19th century, “canoodle” has been most often used jocularly for playful public displays of affection by couples who are head over heels in love.

(i sort of want this sweatshirt. imagine wearing a word-a-day sweatshirt or t-shirt for a whole year! might that be new year’s resolution 2012???)

i will admit the word “noodle” has connotations far too personal for even this kippy to get involved with. speaking of my favorite dictionary–curious minds want to know. for all those delightful word videos made by the nerdy yet lovable editors at old m-w i have done some sleuthing and found the archive here. huzzah!

also i just ate the most deliscious cheeseburger. double huzzah!

cheerio old chaps!


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