there will be poles

…well just one pole actually in erin markey‘s fanfabulous puppy love: a stripper’s tail happening now at pS 122 at the solo nova festival curated by some excellent peeps.

you read that right. tail not tale.  markey is not only a punster but a polester (pole dancer) too! you’ll get a workout from laughing at this outrageous and raucous tour-de-pole about a stripper who falls in love with a fellow disrober.

heck? why should i describe it? read the description here (at bottom of page) and rest assured. it’s been extended! no surprise there. just be sure to ‘take it to the tailor’ before you take it to the theatre. wink!

tooting off to see witness relocation‘s 5 days in march now at la mama etc… i’ve heard great things. but am hoping it’s not quite as circuitous as enjoy, that other recent toshiki okada transport.

ciao for now!



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