sometimes its good to be bad

my friends,

do you recall the great success of asleep at the wheel? well well. i just heard about this “please fire me” website and have giggled and chortled my way all around it. reminds me why i don’t do well in office environments. (not that i can’t appreciate them–after all, i adored asleep at the wheel.) also reminds me that i…

gotta getta gimmick.

that’s right. remember those lovely stuff toys by gund and the ‘gotta get a gund’ selling point? well i gotta get me a gimmick! the 20-something in charge of pls fire me is laughing his way to a book deal. not to mention another couple of 20-somethings whose one trick pony (hilarious mom emails) got picked up for a book deal over a year ago. a great one trick pony…  but still… just one trick. if it can happen to them it should happen to kippy! alrighty. that’s all for maintenant. and no, if i find my gimmick, surely i’ll still be using this website. fret not.



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