troppo da fare / too late baby

my friends and fellow citizens,

troppo da fare in this moment right here.

but i must say that i love, love, loved too late! antigone (contest #2) that i took in last night at, you guessed it, this year’s under the radar festival.

(yes, yes i’m back from burma. it’s a tale and half).

suffice it to say, jason zinoman did a much more articulate job of describing why this show is so excellent. and if you’re too dense to get it, then get off the slopes and out of the kitchen!

mes amis, i realize i am mixing my metaphors here . apologies.  have you heard of this excellent website, btw, gloc? you might find some familiar puns there sometime soon.

ciao for now,

ps and finally, brought to you by my mobile media website, the one you are reading right now, an under the radar PDF link you won’t want to miss.

pps and

ppps and can someone tell me what the hell is going on in tunisia?


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