my friends and fellow citizens,

if you receive merriam webster‘s word of the day missives you’ll see today’s parole is “proselytize.” read that email closely–not for the meaning, but for the name mentioned in the used-in-a-sentence example… it’s one of my fave names and you should know why!

quoi d’autre? it is a new year and with that comes new resolutions and new antics! i read in the elevator this morning that a woman from boston resolved to buy more expensive hair products. quel horreur! who comes up with the elevator text? what’s more, who responds to it via weblog!?

anyhoo, i resolve to wax my legs on my own this year… we’ll see how long that lasts!

speaking of boston… a fine gentleman sent this clip my way last night. it is truly comedy at it’s pitch-perfect perfection. can you hear it sing? kippy loves pun, double entendres, and word play like no other. the one’s in this clip have sent her over the moon and back.

gallactically yours,


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