footloose fancy

mes amis,

apologies for missing yesterday’s special date of 1.11.(20)11… things have been busy-busy in kippy-land!

i realize i’m far ahead of most of my readers, in terms of time zones and all. yesterday was just nutty. flew into bali to shoot a pepsi commercial (who drinks pepsi these days?) and have now stopped in kuala lumpur for a few days (i like to say koala limp pour!) on my way back to burma where i am for the next 2.5 months.

but dreams of gotham burn bright in my head–what with the images of the current snow. a hypothesis: if everyone in new york (and other urban jungles and tundras) wore moonboots, perhaps they would play more in the snow? one can hope!

i recall my girlhood days in the alps and andes happily traipsing and stomping along snow. especially when i was city bound i’d look to make my footprint on the freshly fallen bright white snow! it pains me to now see people (adults mostly) dart around these fallen flakes in their impractical footwear.


in my moonboots, the urge to display signs of inner youth is stronger than any adult worries and i stomp and traipse to my hearts delight! what poor zombies who walk along in their ugly shoes that do not keep their feet dry or toasty. it is the best feeling in the world to plow through nature’s delights and stay warm. the swedes have a saying, you know. “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

i would quite agree.


ps speaking of la neige, i highly recommend john kenney‘s very witty “who owns the snow?” from this week’s new yorker.


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