the royal we

mes cheres amis,

i promised prince’s publicist to not mention my relationship with him… but i just can’t bear not to.  it’s true–we dated long ago…ended on amicable terms when i was just shy of my half birthday (13). we’ve remained good friends ever since and have heard from each other during life’s ups and the down. it was with great delight that i saw him at madison sq jardin last week.  just the tip top.

i almost didn’t feel worthy of standing in his royal court…! and yet he made me feel quite at home…just like he did when we were young teens frolicking back in the malls and meadows of mini-apple-luscious as we called it back then.  it was a special night.

special too because i realized it is not live music i don’t care for, but rather the sticky arm pit of the masses tooting around in my area that i can do without! having a stadium seat to return to for a rest was a most welcome luxury, even if it was a plastic concoction covered with occasional popcorn grease smears with scent of stale beer. still, it was as fine a throne as any.

the after party at darby’s with prince and the twins was indeed most rollicking. vegan dumplings and gluten free beer!

quoi d’autre? zipped off to dirty jersey to see jan fabre‘s latest confection, prometheus landscape II. a most provocative staging with strange stage pictures. go for the images; stay for the snacks. but i warn you: stay clear of the sandwich wraps! (who eats wraps these days anyways? they should be ousted alongside sun-dried tomatoes and relegated to a musuem of food from 1997.)

at the peak of these peak performances bjork and her man were spotted and i unwittingly cut bill t. jones in line for sandwiches. (the proper ones–not those vile wraps) bill’s handler-cum-b/f, who was wearing what looked like an everyday ninja workout outfit, did not appear impressed by my short cut. “bill!” he cried out shrilly. “this way!” as they maneuvered around me to the coffee and teas. what a snit.

ahh, can’t forget a mention of sarah michelson‘s devotion a most surprising and stirring performance. it was so good i cannot even describe it. that is how good it was…those sweatshirts! a mystery performance. i wish i could see it again.

ooh dear… there’s so much more to say and not enough time to say it. my first foray to spa castle was indeed royal. felt like i was part of defending your life part II. that’d be great movie. you heard it here first.

love and cholera,

PS be sure to send your advice questions to via the very excellent gorgeous ladies of comedy website!
PPS tunisia–don’t even get me started.


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