puddle jumping and jasmine revolution(s)

my friends and fellow citizens,

good day. have you noticed the geniousness of puddle jumping post-storm? i love to watch people navigate the curbside ponds and lakes. just a charming dance of doleful humans! today i saw a kind father scoop up his small daughter and deposit her on the other side of the slush, even though she was sporting hot pink snow boots and he had on mere dress shoes.

the ever ebullient bill cunningham has a fine post on this subject. how i adore him and his uniform!

quoi d’autre? i am most amazed by the names we give revolutions and revolts. why the obsession with flowers and fruits? the tulip revolution, the rose, the orange. why not a dark chocolate revolution or suede revolution? those sound quite appealing to me!

(this nike shoe combines both dark chocolate and suede… i’d say that’s revolutionary!)

and how curious that tunisia’s so-called jasmine revolution of today was also a term bandied about when ben ali was put into power back in 1985. (he’s getting ousted now) hmph! the media should really hand this revolution naming over to the people. then again sometimes the people don’t have the media savvy that the media does. a conundrum indeed!

ta ta for now,

ps npr does a more thorough job vis-a-vis revolution names…i’m just adding my kippy cents!


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