under the radar and over the woods

mes amis,

it it that jovial time of year when under the radar hits the fairest of cities: nuevo york of course! i had the great pleasure of meeting up with the festival’s director earlier this year, but an intrepid reporter from american theatre magazine does a more than adequate job of the covering the festival and the dude in the latest issue of the ‘zine.

last night i popped into the public theater to catch diciembre and was moved and marveled by the spectacle of theatre goers tooting around and greeting each other in this dark month at the top of the new year. most enjoyable! i myself enjoyed a coca cola classic as the festival directors greeted onlookers.

i’m now off to see ameriville by that darling of darlings universes. also just heard the word that i’ve gotten into a performance of the belarus free theater. they’ve been all over the news about the crazy plights they face in their home country. speaking of home turf difficulties, a young man gave me a card with information about the current difficulties in hungary. as they say in that country the size of kentucky:

köszönöm szépen


kind regards,


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