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an ear worm worth listening to

December 4, 2014

mes amis–

today on my luncheon excursions i was about to leave the soup shop when this jam came on.

and for a moment i thought of lingering at the hale and hearty!

i didn’t but my g-d. the chanson is incredible! it put a spring in my strut as i walked back to the office i frequent mondays-though-fridays.

as the melody played in my brain i wished i could speak eloquently about music. is it the key that makes this tune so good? the rhythm? those backup singers? or is it just the magical confluence of many things??

thank you darlene love for giving the world this wonderful song…!

love: a singer worth loving and listening to!

love: a singer worth loving and listening to!

and thanks for being in that super documentary 20 feet from stardom. that flick left me ruminating about greatness for many days. catch it if you can, mes amis.

a bientot,