a new day and hooray (very domestic musings)

mes amis

isn’t it nice when the weather surprises us? it started out so rainy this morning that i tucked into my john hughes overcoat and settled for an outfit that would withstand the inclements. (white repettos, skinny jeans, a simple tee from calypso, my lover’s flannel) but lo and behold around 3 p.m. or so I spotted sun and then more sun and then a bit more…!

i opted for a skinny jean instead

my coat is my new uniform

a sky speckled with clouds is unforgivably cheerful. and thank goodness. for a sky without clouds is fascist!

ma che bello

ma che bello

i trotted off to the atm to deposit some measly checks but i love doing that. even when i deposit a check of $22.02 (no really! the audio book realm is not sustainable…) i feel like a wealthy aristocrat. i carelessly tap “deposit without an envelop” and a thrill of financial security wraps around me like a warm cashmere throw on a late winter’s night.

then i went to the duane reade. i needed to get a birthday card and a father’s day card (oui mes amis, this kippy, despite being ageless, does have a dear sweet padre). i was excited to use a coupon i had printed out and very pleased about finding a card fit for a teenage boy (complete w/ a sound effect!) but then at the cashier i realized my coupon was for cvs!

dear me

dear me

usually this mishap would cause me to turn a deep crimson shade, stammer and feel very foolish.

is that dawson?

is that dawson?

i considered taking the cards back to where they were and going to a cvs, my preferred drug store by far, but then i thought about how much time i’d spent inspecting the images and phrases. (some of the father’s day cards brought a small tear to my eye) allora, i decided to live dangerously and bought the two cards .. only to discover that i had a $1 off coupon after the gal rang me up!

“would you like to use it?” she asked

“you bet!” i replied.

life was looking good. i wasn’t ready to head back to the office-i-sometimes-attend. my palate told me it was time for a season’s first: a chipwich. the delightful confection in which vanilla ice cream  resides between two chocolate chip cookies. i also got a banana for health.



and off i wandered into a quieter part of the smelly garment district. and the man tried to tell my fortune and i ate the chipwich and  it tasted good! and i walked on that stretch of 37th toward 10th ave that feels like a little bridge and it felt good in the sunshine. and i remembered being a whippersnapper in summer and going to the barn of fun in cape cod and saving up tickets i earned from ski ball for one big prize (that i never did cash in on) but eating things like a chipwhich, or a frosty, or oooh a piece of fried dough! and i felt so glad to be alive. and i looked up at the clouds in the blue sky and i was so overwhelmingly happy to be in new york.

a bientot,

ps go see jenny schwartz’s 41-derful at clubbed thumb before it closes. it’s a fabulous production. i was in the front row and the actors are out-of-control good. their faces are like water–they can do anything! also go see julia jarcho’s nomads, it is too many things to say in a p.s. but i read about it here!



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