b-ratedly yours

mes amis–

il y a beaucoup de temps that i don’t write.

je sais, je sais.

fugit hora, memento mori

fugit hora, memento mori

i have been re-acclimating to human life after my time at the ant colony better known as macdonalds. i encourage everyone to apply. it was a delightful experience and one i hope to repeat before i die! the sledding wasn’t half bad either.



allora? where does this leave us.

i have been shy of the theatre of late but am hoping to get back on the band wagon with some posts about various art ongoings. but one must rest in order to feel resplendent. my hibernation will soon conclude and i am sure i will then back to the web logs.

in the meantime, i gift to you a new blog titled “b-rated.”



i caught wind of this blog at the end of 2012 (a b-rated year if ever there were one!). yes, mes amis, life is not just made of As and A+s… life is made up of second bests and almost could haves. this blog celebrates the second tier and those courageous enough to admit preferring a silver medal to a gold. i try to avoid most B-rated eateries in nyc but what can one do? they do crop up now and again. and often the pull of nostalgia is too great to fight.

C grades are rare… there is a C-rated dining establishment below the office-i-frequent-mondays-through-fridays (the poetic justice is too juicy that i will avoid all quips and snips) and let me tell you: chef yu, despite it’s C or perhaps because of it, continues to bustle.

in any case, i do hope that the B-rated blog staff gets its act together to post more often than on a quarterly basis. you’d think they were as lazy as literary folk! heh.



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One Response to “b-ratedly yours”

  1. adriennegb Says:

    Yes. It has arrived.

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