journaling di nuovo

my friends and fellow citizens—

greetings from a land where the earth is frozen but the heart and mind are afire…! i am enjoying a sojourn at a country estate where other artists work on various projetti. as for me, i am relaxing and basking. long walks, long naps and reading reading reading.

plus, I have been keeping a record of my state of mind and (lack of) activity with a notebook. si, amici miei, I have been journaling di nuovo! as a youth I kept a journal—never a diary mind you!—and it is a most pleasant thing to do. better to get all your worries and frets out on paper than have a turmoil of the tum!

a personal journal!

a personal journal!

i also find that putting pen to paper has a kind of ancient and olden feeling. to see my dear chicken scratch move across a page… to marvel as the pen’s ink catches a glint in the low evening light…these things bring a small joy to me—however small they may be.

moreover, as I write down my thoughts and observations—and yes feelings too—I sometimes realize: oh kippy, you are such a tom petty! a woe written down from a few days past seems not so tragic in the present.

i have also been deeply engrossed in a biography about wittgenstein. my studies of philosophy were entirely continental so reading this analytic mumbo jumbo both fills me fear and dread. yet, on an interpersonal level i have great affection for this fellow, even if he is also confouding.

anyhoo, time to make the donuts! (yes, i am doing a small kitchen stint here at macdonalds!)

i dream of a gluten-free versione

i dream of a gluten-free versione

a bientot,


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  1. Johnd481 Says:

    I’m glad that it turned out so effectively and I hope it will continue in the future because it is so worthwhile and meaningful to the community. ccccdadfddfb

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