end of conversation

mes amis–

i recall joking with a friend in my jeuness that the end of phone call chats was always an awkward moment of wrapping up.

“well, i should go”

“i should really let you go”

“ok talk to you later”


such euphemisms for “i no longer wish to speak with you, but please take no offense!”


my friend and i joked that a simple phrasing: “end of conversation” would un-sully the tireless weeds of getting off the phone. the endless empty pleasantries.



recently, i have taken to saying “take care” at the end of my formalized business related chats. why is this? i used to hate the expression “take care” and mock it for folksy charm. “take care”? ooh please! this too is an empty command. and yet in recent times, due to my nature as a media mogul, i can hear the anxiety on the other end of the phone. artists who are grateful–and perhaps sometimes a little grating–as they express over appreciation for being covered on my web log (and other media outlets for which i write).

“well, you can’t imagine how much this means to us”

“we really, really appreciate being mentioned. even in one sentence.”

“we’re more than happy to send along photos if you need any.”

to all of this–and more–i simply say “take care” and i have an end of conversation.


sweet relief.


ps next time i will get into national do nothing day, liliuokalani, hawaii’s last princess, and of course the life and times play.

pps look for some special guest posts coming soon!


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