the shortest day to the end of time (solace for your solstice)

mes amis–

i usually like to spend my solstice in solitude…taking stock of the calendar year in a winter cabin covered in a blanket of snow (while i am covered in a blanket of cashmere, that is!) this year i attend the office-i-frequent-mondays-through-fridays. and what of it? nothing like a to do list and a tidy desk to make way for a little rumination time!

[here i did a google image search for “thinking,” but was displeased by the options. it seems though women only think in manners most sexy! are they “thinking” or are they coquettishly flirting i wonder! here is one such offender…(not the woman, but the art director, i suppose]

lipstick gets you dates and mates, but not necessarily theorems and thoughts!

lipstick gets you dates and mates, but not necessarily theorems and thoughts!

[the other results were of cartoons, many of which were cute, but this “thinking” image here sort of delighted me:]

don't think, eat it!

don’t think, man, eat it!

[end bracketed thoughts]

and so here we are at the end of 2012 and the end of the mayan calendar! women are still portrayed on the internet as “sexy” thinkers, whereas men get to ponder the ice cream cone. have we really come all that far?

this posting was not meant to be a feminist screed but it seems to have turned into one. i am at a loss for summations of 2012…. only ruminations. many things occurred this year, as they do every year. (an astute observation, yes!)

on another note, i am very sad about the shooting at the sandy hook elementary school. it is so unbelievably tragic and senseless…like all the other shootings. and yet i wonder what is the most effective way of moving forward…?

i am only one kippy, shall i hold a seance with charton heston…? he and i were close in my younger years… but that’s a topic for another post.  i don’t know. i truly hope that mental illness gets the national attention it needs. what a crisis. and perhaps people should buy less guns and more flowers! flowers are nice and they are nice looking! what did anyone ever need a gun (rack) for anyway?

what a fine film featured my friend mike myers and dana carvey. hi guys!


today i hope for peace in the middle yeast. and i hope that everyone who suffers round the world–from digestion ailments to deep and impenetrable sadness–gets a little solace in their solstice this year and in the years to come.

yours in earnestness,


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