don’t tip the boat over!

mes amis–

in this season of scurrying round and round, tying up those loose ends in the midst of holicraze, i invite you to take a moment to enjoy this classic tune i heard (and jived to!) the autre evening. surely you have three minutes and three seconds to ecouter le hues corporation!

i was visitng a land called mass mocachino where the locals are as rugged as the mountains in the distance. i was in north adams, massachewsetts for a showing of half straddle‘s seagull (thinking of you) …. naturellement. though i no longer coordinate the group’s press junkets, i continue to be an ardent fan.

it was late at night, libations abounded and then somehow the jams on the radio began to blare in epic and marvelous proportions. i hadn’t heard this ditty in many years and it reminded me of an expression in my salad days: “rock the boethius.”

don't rock the boat, but rock the boethius

don’t rock the boat, but rock the boethius

in any case, i look forward to applying the credo of the chanson, and of the saying, to my life in 2013…!

a bientot,kippy


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