my dear ben brantley, you missed one old chap!

Dear Ben,

I much enjoyed your round up and ruminations on the art star of the moment–that old Anton. Your thoroughness and thoughtfulness never cease to thrill this reader, but I must point out one upcoming production that went unmentioned: Half Stradddle‘s Seagull (Thinking of You) at the Coil Festival in January. Half Straddle has been making (new) waves since 2008. They are currently the company in residence at the New Museum. In fact, the group’s artistic director, Tina Satter, did a fine job on that “My Chekhov, Not Yours” panel you so finely noted.

heart breaker

heart breaker

From what I can tell, the group’s production will involve a golden skateboard and a score of Russian infused punk folk songs. The tone irreverent and suddenly heartfelt. And there will be kissing. Lots of it. So while the humor is tongue in cheek, those those smooches may have some tongues in mouths. Heh..!  The mirror this young company will hold up to audiences will surely be as bright and beautiful as any sequin clad Seagull.

a homespun gull

a homespun gull

To quote Anton: “The theatre’s not what it used to be. Once there were mighty oaks–today only stumps remain.” But as Satter’s Half Straddle gaggle of gals and gulls will prove: some of those stumps do really nuanced work…!

I look forward to their production in January and will continue to be your ardent fan.

A bientot,


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