o starry night ; hello to arms

mes amis–


it was a starr studded (wink!) gathering the other evening at brooklyn’s finest theatrical venue: the bushwick starr. art star(r)s, and constellations, of all stripes gathered for a soiree to benefit the obie-award winning teatro. well-heeled folk attended un dîner upstairs while more pauper-like bohemians gathered in the theatre’s downstairs espace.

i’d prefer power, but i’ll take pauper!

i remember those stairs to the upstairs well. i had just attended karma kharms back in march and needed to dash upstairs to congratulate the fine performers that peppered that cast (i was running late for a flight to lahore) when–whack!–kippy down.

i’d rounded a corner into a dark hallway and careened, with great velocity, into a plastic bucket. you read that right. off the bucket tumbled. i attempted to save face while laughing it off. those who know me well know that i usually err on the side of hypochondria. but that night, as my assistant kindly changed my flight to the next day, i decided to carouse avec le cast at nearby bodega bar even showing off my wounded bloody ankle all the while joking “mais, c’est rien.”



au contraire! the next day i could hardly hobble to my car service to take me to jfk. but nothing could stop this kippy! and it was true, i had important meetings in lahore. nothing could hold me back. a few weeks later, i was getting a leg wax (as i’m prone to do every 6-8 weeks) in poland when the wax gal purred “what is?” she recoiled in horror at the sight of my scab-scar. months later, back in nyc, a doctor told me it was probably a sprain. even now, if i brush against this foot spot at a certain angle, and with a certain force, a twinge of pain shudders through me.

but basta injuries! i arrived for the après dîner portion of the evening where i spotted starrs from target margin, the starr’s board (not bored like most other theatres!) and even a couple of those gals from doll parts (brooklyn’s premiere dolly parton cover band). we mingled on the roof adjacent to the theatre espace and i marveled at the new york city skyline which served as a perfect backdrop to karma kharms not so many months ago.

ma che bello


i am a believer in the saying “make new friends, but keep the old.” as a gemini, i find i’m constantly collecting new cohorts, friends, acquaintances and professional peeps i look forward to seeing (or avoiding!) in the downtown theatrical midst. what luck to meet a dear friend in my youth.

todd goldstein and i discovered we sported the same “top siders” (footwear) when we were five years old. later, when i was ten and testing the limits of my confidence, i teased todd. surely i was jealous of his preternatural talents! and who wouldn’t have been?! todd is a magnanimous type though, and upon entering 7th or 8th grade we formed a true and lasting friendship. (there was a paucity of other interesting folk in our nerd-filled french class as i recall… to be the coolest of the nerds like todd et moi … c’etait difficile!)

c’est un nerd comme moi

i was there for “grist harps” (his first band foray) and then “clifford” (i believe that was when todd and i were co-eds)… i even attended shows of “the harlem shakes” (marveling always at the vehemence and asymmetrical haircuts of that group’s fan base).

“hipsters at a concert”

it is with great delight, therefore, that i share with you arms–todd’s current musical outlet (they’ve been around the block for a few years now i believe.) of late they’ve made a rousing (!) music video and you’ll see todd–who is as handsome as he is talented–appear in a bit role. next time give us more than a walk on please!


in my jeuness, todd and i co-wrote (and starred) in a french art film entitled “la vue par d’oeil d’un chien” (c’est vrais!) it is high time we see him on stage and screen again (not to mention hear his beautifully plaintive tunes) this isn’t a farewell… but a hello to arms.

leggily yours,


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