r.i.p. hostess w/ the mostess

my friends and fellow citizens–

i remember as a kindergarten being told that there was “no wrong way to eat a cupcake.” back in my days of gluten consumption i so enjoyed feasting on hostess cupcakes. start at the bottom, nibble around the sides and save that creamy center for last. mmm!

they always did come two in a pack. if you were clever like me you saved one for later and in generous moments shared with a friend!

so it was with a heavy heart that i learned this morning of  hostess’s bankruptcy. i recall and ruminate upon a recent statement by a leading italian economist. “we cannot have a free market if businesses are not allowed to fail. it is like religion without the sin!”

puodarsi. (it could be so)

but i would argue that those sinfully delicious cupcakes with the chocolate frosting and white swirl should continue to exist for the generations after us. perhaps a cupcake philanthropist will come to the rescue?? i hope so. i may even have to retire my gluten avoidance today in order to honor this pillar of my past.

vive la hostess cupcake!



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